C2 Max 8CH 5MP-N/1080P BNC DVR with AI Intelligence

SKU: C2-3s-108-i

Explore advanced security with the C2 Max 8CH DVR. High-quality 5MP-N/1080P recording & AI intelligence for comprehensive protection. Visit www.ic.plus

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 C2 Max


8CH 5MP-N/1080P BNC DVR with AI Intelligence

The C2 Max C2-3s-108-i is the most advanced C2 Max recorder we have released. The BNC inputs support all the major formats such as HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD and CVBS (Analogue). Cameras connected via the BNCs can record at up to 5MP-N resolution in all formats. The recorder has the ability to extend the number of available IP channels, allowing for 4 IP channels to be added on top of the 8 BNC channels. 

With a powerful embedded AI deep learning processor supporting new video surveillance analytic functions such as SMD (Smart Motion Detection) and Face Recognition, both of which are designed to prevent routine false motion alerts and accurately detect individuals. Advanced IVS perimeter detection including Tripwire and Intrusion box areas can now be combined with SMD target classification for human and vehicles providing a true all round advanced monitoring recorder, suited for protecting both commercial and domestic premises. 

The development of SMD enables operators to respond and reduce the time searching for such an event through the use of the powerful AI SMD search which lists all motion events containing vehicles and humans in just a few clicks. The C2-3s-108-i also has the ability to perform real time face recognition on one channel which can be referenced against 10 different face databases and can store up to to 10,000 face images processing as much as 8 images per second. 

The C2-3s-108-i is housed in a 1U desktop case with 1 internal SATA port. It comes with FHD (1920x1080) HDMI & VGA video outputs and supports backup methods via USB & network. This recorder is provided license free, Onvif compatible and supports various 3rd party IP camera vendors.


· H.265+/H.265 dual-stream video compression 

· Supports HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS/IP video inputs 

· Max 12 channels IP camera inputs, each channel up to 6MP; Max 64 Mbps incoming bandwidth 

· Up to 2 channels video stream ( analog channel ) Perimeter Protection 

· Up to 8 channels video stream ( analog channel ) SMD Plus 

· Up to 2 channels video stream (analog channel ) human face recognition 

· IoT & POS functionalities

Real Time Face Recognition 

Video stream real time face recognition. Facial attributes analysis features including gender, age, expression, glasses, moustache, mouth mask. Identify people and also capture, record faces with metadata. Facial feature filtering while real time display, only show faces with target features.
* Real-time facial recognition is available on two channels (BNC channel only) SMD or Perimeter Protection will not function if facial Recognition is enabled

Perimeter Protection
Automatically filters out false alarms caused by animals, rustling leaves, changes in enviromental lighting etc. Enables system to verify whether an intrusion rule has been crossed byh the use of object classification through machine learning 

SMD Plus 

SMD Plus, referred to as Smart Motion Detection Plus, which is an upgraded version of SMD that greatly improves the alarm accuracy by utilising deep-learning algorithms. It analyzes person and vehicle shapes based on motion detection and send alarms only when the recorder classifies an object as a human or vehicle. 

AI Coding 

Compared with H.265, AI codec can reduce up to 50% bit rate and storage requirements while have no loss of decoding compatibility, providing clear human and vehicle details.

Smart H.265+
Smart Codec, H.265+ can reduce up to 90% bit rate and storage requirements compared with H.264 without having to invest in new cameras.


The C2-3s-108-i can auto recognize the signal from a BNC camera without any changes to settings, making installation straight forward and convenient. 

High Definition Camera Inpu

The C2-3s-108-i supports up to 5M-N (1080P) resolution in HD cameras, and 6MP on IP cameras. 

Long Distance Transmissio

HDCVI technology supports long distance transmission over coaxial cable and UTP, max. 700m for 4K/4MP, 800m for 1080P and 1200m for 720P. 

AI Search 

Extract and classify people and vehicles from the video data, making it easier to find and locate specific events.

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