Walker Saorview Approved UHD Combi STB


Experience top-quality TV with the Walker Saorview Approved UHD Combi STB - STB-WPSTBW23. Discover more at www.ic.plus

Warranty: MFR - 24 Months

Listed for Support Purposes Only


Introducing the Walker Saorview RTE Player Approved Combi Box WPSTBW23. This Saorview Approved device provides access to Irish and UK TV channels without any monthly bills. With both Saorview and Satellite tuners, you can enjoy a wide range of TV and radio channels. Record your favorite shows using a connected hard disk, and experience high-quality features like UHD, Dolby AC4, Dolby Atmos, and WiFi connectivity. The Walker WPSTBW23 is the perfect choice for a seamless and feature-rich entertainment experience.

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