TP-Link Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket, 1 pack

SKU: TPL-Tapo-P100
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Control your devices remotely with TP-Link Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket. Easily manage your devices from anywhere. Get yours at IC Plus:

Warranty: MFR - 24 Months
EAN/UPC: 4897098680452


The Superior Smart Partner for Small Appliances

  • Remote Control from Anywhere

Instantly turn connected devices on/off wherever you are via the Tapo app. Designed to facilitate your life and help eliminate potential safety hazards

  • Live Smarter by Presetting Time

Schedule and Timer features allow you to create weekly schedule and countdown plans. All of your connected electronics will automatically work at your present time, making your life smart, convenient and energy-saving.

  • Mighty Features and Compact Size

Tapo P100 is built small to leave adjacent sockets open, making it convenient for daily use.

  • A Deterrent for Your Home

Away mode, a feature that intelligently simulates someone being home by turning the plugged in device(like a lamp) on and off, makes it appear that someone is home when your on long trips to keep away people with ill intent.

  • Share to Families

Not limited to single control, family members can directly share management to permissions with each other, saving time and enhancing user-friendliness for the elderly

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