Bluetooth music receiver 20 m Black



Bluetooth Upgrading your Traditional Hi-Fi: HA100

  • Brings Speed and Reliability:
Technology increases the speed and reliability of data transfer between devices to Hi-Fi or speaker system wirelessly

  • Long Range Wireless:
No need to get up! Relax in your favorite chair and control your music with a reliable connection of up to 20 meters (66 feet) away from your speakers

  • Connect up to 8 Different Devices:
The receiver will store information for up to 8 different devices, making it easy for you to connect your friends' or family members' devices and enjoy their music

  • Modern and Compact Design:
HA100 is a complement to traditional home stereo systems. This portable form will not look out of place, even placed it next to or on top of the most modern stereos or speakers
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