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The OTD140 outdoor router features a dedicated and durable IP55 plastic housing and an integrated mounting bracket, making this outdoor..Learn more at IC Plus

Warranty: RTB - 24 Months
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The OTD140 outdoor router features a dedicated and durable IP55 plastic housing and an integrated mounting bracket, making this outdoor 4G router easy to deploy and capable of withstanding outdoor environmental conditions. Beyond that, this outdoor router is equipped with LTE Cat 4 connectivity, compatibility with RMS for remote management capabilities, and two PoE In/Out Ethernet ports.

IP55 durability for outdoor deployment
4G LTE (Cat 4), 3G, 2G
Dual SIM with auto failover and other
switching scenarios
1 x PoE-in and 1 x PoE-out port

Weather-Resistant Design

Housed in a durable IP55-rated plastic casing, the OTD140 is engineered to withstand extreme outdoor conditions, from heavy rain to sandstorms, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Integrated PoE+ Capabilities

The OTD140 is not just an outdoor router; it's a PoE+ router. With its PoE-in/out feature, it can power both CCTV cameras and access points, eliminating the need for additional power sources and cabling.

Stellar 4G Connectivity 

In collaboration with access points, the OTD140 delivers reliable 4G connectivity, enabling seamless remote management and robust surveillance capabilities.

Remote Management with RMS

Stay in control with ease. The OTD140 is fully compatible with Teltonika Networks' Remote Management System (RMS), facilitating effortless firmware upgrades and troubleshooting without on-site visits, saving both time and resources.


  • IP55 durability for outdoor 4G LTE (Cat 4), 3G, 2G deployment
  • 4G LTE (Cat 4), 3G, 2G
  • Dual SIM with auto failover and other switching scenarios
  • 1x PoE-in and 1x PoE-out port

Kit Contains

  • OTD140 Router 
  • Router Holder 
  • QSG (Quick Start Guide)




Modern-day construction sites require connectivity for CCTV cameras and portable offices. The challenge is that prolonged outdoor applications mean prolonged exposure to the elements, ranging from heavy rain to sandstorms. Overcoming this challenge is the OTD140, the first-ever outdoor router by Teltonika Networks, equipped with durable IP55 plastic housing to ensure your networking solution is water and dust-resistant.This outdoor PoE+ router, in combination with our TAP100 Wi-Fi access points, provides reliable 4G connectivity to both CCTV cameras and the portable office, as well as stellar remote management capabilities – and there’s nothing the weather forecast can do about it!


Modern-day construction sites come with a set of unique connectivity issues.

On one hand, such sites often use portable office trailers for their administration needs, and those by themselves require a wireless network. They also deploy CCTV cameras to monitor the site 24/7. This is in no small part because the nature of construction means projects take a long time to finish, often months, so equipment and vehicles are left at the site at all times and demand constant surveillance.

On the other hand, construction sites are a challenging environment because equipment is exposed to the elements at all times. Deploying a cellular router to your indoor CCTV cameras, such as in shopping malls or office buildings, can ignore basic environmental conditions such as weather. When it rains, hails, or snows, the networking device is unaffected.

The same isn’t true in construction sites. In an outdoor solution, the device needs to be able to withstand such conditions to prevent damage and consequent network disruptions.
Some add-ons can be used, of course – adding an external layer of protection to encase your cellular router and make it water-resistant. But that is an extra step, which means extra planning and research for each new construction site at a different location, where rain isn’t an issue but sandstorms are.

To truly be effective, an industrial cellular router with standardised added protection built-in is needed. In other words, a dedicated outdoor router.

The OTD140 is the first-ever outdoor router by Teltonika Networks, trailblazing its way to your outdoor solutions. This 4G router features a dedicated and durable IP55 plastic housing, making it water-resistant for withstanding precipitation and dust-resistant against sandstorms.

In this solution, a pair of OTD140 devices are deployed: one alongside the CCTV camera on a pole and one on top of the portable office. On the pole, the outdoor router is connected to the cameras via Ethernet. In the portable office, it is connected to a TAP100 Wi-Fi access point inside the portable office, also via Ethernet, as the OTD140 itself does not have Wi-Fi capabilities.

Ah, but the OTD40 isn’t just an outdoor router! It is also a PoE+ router, able to power both the CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi access point with PoE-in/out with no need for additional power source and cabling.

Using this topology, footage from the CCTV cameras is transmitted to the portable office via Cat 4 cellular connectivity, where it can be easily viewed and stored. The portable office itself now has a wireless network and can further transmit the footage on top of performing all necessary administrative work. However long the construction takes – the outdoor router will provide reliable connectivity no matter how tough the weather gets.

But the value doesn’t stop there! If you’re in charge of multiple construction sites in different locations, each with its own fleet of cameras, remote management and control capabilities for your networking solutions are vital.

To that end, the OTD140 outdoor router is compatible with our Remote Management System (RMS). This allows for quick and simple firmware upgrades and troubleshooting without your network engineer needing to travel to the construction site. As a result, you save a great deal of time and money.

Wherever there is human innovation, there is a need for connectivity. And when that innovation is outdoors – connectivity adapts. In this case, the OTD140 outdoor PoE router is just the adaptation you need.

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