SATEL Grade 2 Wired PIR Motion Detector




detects motion in the protected area. Additionally, the detector has a set of LEDs to implement the lighting feature.

Product Characteristics
  • compliance with EN 50131 requirements for Grade 2
  • motion detection using passive infrared (PIR) sensor
  • adjustable sensitivity of detection
  • digital motion detection algorithm
  • digital temperature compensation
  • option to enable/disable the creep zone protection
  • wide-angle lens, designed specifically for SLIM LINE detectors
  • option to replace the wide-angle lens with the curtain (CT-CL2) or long-range (LR-CL2) one
  • ability to configure detector operating parameters using the OPT-1 keyfob
  • built-in end-of-line resistors (2EOL: 2 x 1,1 kΩ / 2 x 4,7 kΩ / 2 x 5,6 kΩ)
  • lighting feature implemented with white LEDs
  • remote lighting control or motion activated lighting capability
  • LED indicator
  • selectable color of the LED indicator (7 colors available)
  • LED indicator remote enable/disable
  • remote switching between two levels of PIR sensor sensitivity
  • configuration mode remote enable/disable
  • supervision of motion detection and supply voltage circuit
  • tamper protection against opening of enclosure and removal from mounting
  • adjustable mounting holder (BRACKET D) included

One enclosure, many devices 

Elegant, slim enclosure is made of high quality plastic.
Uniform appearance of all detectors installed in the premises makes 
it difficult for an intruder to identify the specific model used in the system 
because all of them look the same.


           Reliable motion detection               

A unique lens 

       Each detector c
omes with a modern lens designed and manufactured in 
Japan – specially for SATEL. It provides a very large detection area with 
dimensions up to 20 m x 24 m and 90° viewing angle. 

                                                                            Japanese Optics              Coverage Area            Detection Angle

Design of the lens, as well as the material of which it was made, make it exceptionally resistant to deformation.

New motion detection algorithm 

Many years of experience in the production of motion detectors and the use of the latest technologies made it possible 
to develop an advanced new generation algorithm of motion detection. Because of it, SLIM LINE detectors ensure 
reliable detection of intruders throughout the entire monitored area, without triggering unwanted alarms 

                                                                                                Digital temperature compensation 

SLIM LINE detectors dynamically adjust the motion detection algorithm to changes in ambient 
temperature, so these changes do not affect the effectiveness of the detectors 

See a presentation of SLIM LINE detectors


Quick lens replacement

As you can easily replace the complete front part with the lens, the SLIM LINE detectors* can be quickly and conveniently customized 
to suit the needs of the premises, e.g. to the shape of protected room. The wide-angle (WD) lenses are fitted as standard, but curtain (CT) 
and long-range (LR) lenses are also optionally available  * except for PET detectors

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