SATEL Grade 2 Wireless External Sounder


MSP-300 R

Wireless outdoor acoustic and optical siren

The MSP-300 wireless outdoor siren is designed to work in conjunction with the MTX-300 controller as well as PERFECTA 16-WRL, PERFECTA 32-WRL and PERFECTA-T 32WRL
control panels, operating at 433 MHz frequency. The modern SPIRIT1 radio system with optimized power management, which enables long-lasting operation of the device in harsh environments, has been used in the siren. Trouble-free functioning of the MSP-300 is also possible due to the BAT-ER-3,6 high-performance battery, which is used in specialized applications, including military and medical ones.


  • Compatible with MTX-300 controller as well as PERFECTA 16-WRL, PERFECTA 32-WRL and PERFECTA-T 32-WRL control panels
  • Independent wireless triggering of optical and acoustic signals
  • Optical signaling: ultra bright LEDs
  • Acoustic signaling: piezoelectric transducer
  • Several acoustic signals to choose from
  • Advanced radio system for optimized low power communication
  • Remote configuration
  • Powered from BAT-ER-3,6, 13 Ah, wide temperature range, high-performance battery
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to +55°C
  • Tamper protection against enclosure opening / tear-off

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