Satel LTE/4G GSM Universal Monitoring Module


GPRS-A LTE is a universal monitoring module that can work autonomously or as part of an intrusion and hold-up alarm system, as well as automation systems. The device comes equipped with a cellular phone that supports data transmission using the LTE* technology. For alarm systems, this module can be used together with any alarm control panel to implement reporting. For this purpose, it should be connected to the dialer or suitably configured outputs of the control panel.

The device has 8 inputs, which can be set as digital (NO, NC) or analog. Those that work as analog ones can be used in automation systems or to monitor a wide spectrum of external devices, such as temperature, pressure and humidity sensors. GPRS-A LTE also has a 1-Wire bus, to which you can connect up to 8 DS-T1 or DS-T2 digital temperature sensors.

The module can send the measurement data using the MQTT, JSON and MODBUS RTU open communication protocols. An option is provided to create a server collecting data from many modules. This information can be processed and visualized, e.g. to supervise the environmental parameters prevailing in a group of cold stores, warehouses or production halls. This is part of the concept of so-called Internet of Things (IoT). If the set threshold values of signals on the analog inputs or from 1-Wire sensors are exceeded, GPRS-A LTE can report such an event in response to the monitoring station or send notification to selected users. You can also program an automatic change of the state of selected outputs in response to specific events, such as switching on the heating on a significant drop in temperature.

The module offers notification to a maximum of 8 users, in several ways: using SMS or PUSH messages, or via the CLIP service. The device has 4 programmable outputs that can be controlled remotely using SMS, CLIP, GX CONTROL mobile application or GX Soft configuration program, as well as IoT. GPRS-A LTE can be used for remote control of the alarm system or other devices. For programming and configuration, you should use a computer with the GX Soft program installed. The computer can connect to the module locally (RS-232 (TTL) port) or remotely (data transmission over the cellular network*). Remote update of the device firmware is possible owing to GPRS-A compatibility with the UpServ update server.

  • event reporting: SMS / LTE*
  • conversion and retransmission of event codes received from other devices (simulation of telephone monitoring station)
  • sending notifications to up to 8 telephone numbers
  • messaging: audio / SMS / PUSH / CLIP
  • 8 programmable inputs (NO / NC / analog)
  • 1-Wire bus - support for up to 8 digital temperature sensors
  • ability to configure responses when the set threshold values are exceeded:on analog inputs from 1-Wire sensors
  • AC power control input
  • 4 outputs (2 relay, 2 OC type) controlled by SMS / CLIP (up to 10 000 numbers) / GX CONTROL / GX Soft / via IoT
  • IoT - support for open protocols: MQTT, JSON, MODBUS RTU
  • option to check the pre-paid account balance and notification when the amount of funds drops below the minimum level
  • configuration of module settings:locally - computer with GX Soft program connected to the module RS-232 (TTL) port
  • remotely - computer with the GX Soft program connecting to the module using data transmission over the cellular network*
  • compatibility with the GX CONTROL mobile application
  • remote firmware update capability
  • option to connect the dedicated APS-612 power supply

* data transmission using the LTE/HSPA+/EDGE/GPRS technology - depending on the cellular network capabilities 

Full flexibility
The module can be successfully used in many existing and newly built systems. GPRS-A LTE can receive information about events from the connected control panel and forward them to the monitoring stations at security agencies or to the parties concerned via the mobile network. The module connects to the control panel through the control panel dialer (the module simulates the monitoring station) or through appropriately configured control panel outputs connected to the module inputs.

The module can be used to implement remote control functions, such as arming the system or opening the gate, also using the mobile application. The state of module outputs can also be changed automatically in response to specific events.
GPRS-A LTE can give a "new life" to some older alarm systems. It can also work as a stand-alone device, monitoring the state of various devices, automation systems, etc. 

                         Event reporting
In the area of reporting, information is transmitted via:
  • mobile data transmission - using TCP or UDP protocols
  • SMS messages
Where events are sent using LTE/HSPA+/EDGE/GPRS 
technology (depending on the capabilities of the mobile 
network), the module supports two transmission formats:

  • SIA-IP (for communication with any monitoring station)
  • SATEL (for communication with SATEL made devices :
STAM-2 monitoring station or SMET-256 reporting converter)

Notification messaging
The GPRS-A LTE module makes it possible to send 
notifications to up to 8 telephone numbers. This 
function can be implemented by using:
  • SMS messages
  • PUSH messages
  • CLIP service

The device can send notifications to the recipient through several independent paths. Since the event alert will be transmitted via all of the preprogrammed channels, the information will reach the recipient even when one of them turns out to be unavailable

                               Remote control
 GPRS-A LTE has 4 outputs, including 2 relay
 and 2 OC type. They can be remotely controlled
 and activated in several ways from any location:                                 
  • via SMS messages (from 8 numbers)
  • from GX CONTROL mobile application
  • from a computer with GX Soft program installed
  • using CLIP service (from as many as 10 000 numbers)                                       

Monitoring premises

GPRS-A LTE can find use in yachts, caravans, cottages, etc. When used in conjunction with a number of detectors, it will reliably protect the interior of the given premises. The module can, for example, send a notification to inform the owner or selected parties that the door is open or an attempt was made to start the engine.

As it can work e.g. with temperature and humidity sensors, the module will be a perfect choice for monitoring environmental conditions during storage of food, medicines, etc. by: 

  • sending information about selected parameters in real time
  • triggering alarm when preset limits are exceeded or input state changes
  • responding to specific events

IoT - Internet of Things

The GPRS-A LTE universal monitoring module can be used in conjunction with automation and data acquisition systems. As it can exchange information with other devices by using the MQTT, JSON and MODBUS RTU open communication protocols, its operation fits in fine with the concept of the Internet of Things.

It gives the users a wide range of possibilities of using, processing, storing and visualizing data. Information sent by the module can be processed by using both commercially available software, as well as applications created from scratch.

When used as part of IoT, many modules are capable of sending data to a previously set up server. Such a server can also be used as a proxy to implement remote control of the outputs of all connected modules. The system built in this way is scalable. Communication with the server can be configured from the GX Soft program.

Interaction with detection, measuring and other devices

The module inputs can be programmed as NO, NC or analog ones to work in conjunction with devices provided with NO or NC outputs, as well as with a number of analog sensors and digital-to-analog converters, which offers a great many possibilities for the module use.
The module will convert (rescale) the received analog signal to any unit of measure, including temperature or another physical quantity.

Collecting information from many modules in one place makes it possible to supervise, for example, a wind farm.

                  Mobile access
The application allows configuration:
  • verification of the state of inputs and outputs (of connected sensors and devices)
  • display of indications from analog inputs and digital sensors
  • viewing troubles with trouble memory clearing option
  • viewing event memory with filtering capability
  • remote control of module outputs (devices connected to them).

PUSH messages give the user permanent access to information

Importantly, configuration of the application is very simple, and so is connection with the module. All you have to do is send an SMS from the application level to the device and receive the configuration data in response. Another, equally convenient way is to scan the QR code that is generated in the GX Soft program or in a preconfigured application

                        Functional software                                    
GX Soft is an advanced tool with a friendly
and clear interface, intended for
configuration as well as diagnostics of SATEL
communication modules. The module and 
the program can interact locally via RS232 
(TTL) or remotely via mobile network 


               Easy and Secure Connection                                                         
Thanks to the Satel Connection Set-Up
Service, you can enjoy many functionalties of
GX Control and GX Soft. Configuration of the 
communication between application / program
and the GPRS-A-LTE takes just a few moments 
without the need to use an external IP address
or advanced network settings. 
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