Ivideon Bridge - 16 Channel Cloud Connector Device


Experience seamless video surveillance integration with Ivideon Bridge B-1610. Simplify your security setup at www.ic.plus.


Ivideon Bridge B-1610

Transform your traditional video surveillance system into a cloud system

Ivideon Bridge is a smart device that allows you to seamlessly connect any IP cameras or NVR / DVRs to the Ivideon cloud services. Ivideon Bridge is compatible with 98% of camera types (via Onvif or RTSP) with no existing equipment replacement or special knowledge required, no need to stop your workflow.


  • 1 year warranty and free 24/7 tech support
  • Connects cameras and DVR of any manufacturer using RTSP, ONVIF, DAHUA or HIKVISION protocols
  • Supports up to 16 cameras or DVR channels at up to 2Mbps per channel
  • Local storage support: up to 1TB external HDD and/or up to 128GB microSD card. HDD and microSD card are not included.
  • Easy to set up and manage in Ivideon personal account
  • Cameras settings configuration via Ivideon Cloud
  • Bank standard encryption of transmitted data
  • Works with any tariff plan except for Freemium

Supported Devices

  • Digital and analogue video recorders, IP cameras
  • Supported protocols: RTSP, ONVIF, Dahua, Hikvision ISAPI

Number of Channels & Bandwidth capability

Maximum number of connected devices: any combination of 16 cameras or video recorder channels with a maximum total bit rate of 32 Mbps

Technical Specs

  • Video: H.264 only; resolution, bit rate, and FPS limited by the end device, though not exceeding a total bit rate of 32 Mbps
  • Local storage support: 1TB HDD (USB), 128GB mircoSD card
  • Audio: AAC, G.711, G.726
  • Power supply: DC 5V/2A UK plug
  • Dimensions: 100 × 100 × 15 mm
  • Weight: 100 g (260 g with packaging)

What it boils down to

Special Features

How it works
How the Technology Works


Ivideon is a rapidly growing Cloud VSaaS (Video Software as a Service) company. Founded in 2010, Ivideon serves all vertical markets worldwide covering 5M users globally. Ivideon clients include major international corporations, governments as well as SMBs and home users. 

Ivideon technology and product offerings include live video surveillance from any device for real-time monitoring, motion & sound detection, smart reports and notifications, detailed data on the foot traffic, face recognition, queue detection, thermal measurement, ANPR, video wall and many other

Security and remote surveillance
for businesses of any size

Ivideon lets you quickly equip any number of locations with video surveillance, connecting them all to a system that offers access from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re setting up a few cameras in a small store or several thousand in a major retail chain, Ivideon has your needs covered.

Easy setup and connection

Works across most internet connection types, letting you avoid complex setup, external IP addresses, and other hoops most surveillance systems make you jump through.

What Ivideon can do for you:

  • Have central alert management regardless of geographic location
  • Add analytics and reporting tools based on videos
  • Make your video system adaptable to your ever-changing needs
  • Build a customizable dashboard with drill-down capabilities based on your business structure
  • Direct local employees with AI based decision support, i.e. emotional state of visitors
  • A Cloud-based solution is failover safe and has built-in redundancy.

Wide Range of Video Analytics

Ivideon's advanced tools are designed for different industries providing analysis and forecasting, which are essential when managing geographically spread out locations. Our new VMS paradigm alleviates manual video analysis and our custom-made dashboards highlight only important events and analytics relevant to your business processes.

  • Face Recognition (age, gender, emotions, - smart reports on demographics);
  • Mask Detection; (xls report - face mask yes/no)
  • Unique Visitors Detection
  • Queue/Crowd Detection
  • Empty Shelves Detection (Please enquire with help@ic.plus)
  • Retrospective search (searching for movement by detected area)
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Videowall


Manage a business with one reliable provider. Get hardware and software from one partner. One contact window for all requests will save your resources.


Ivideon data centers are Tier-III compliant, which means 99.982% of expected trouble-free operation

Scalability, no hidden costs

All cameras and locations can be united into one account, with no fees for extension. If you need to equip a new location - you just connect a camera and choose a tariff. No need to forward ports and set up external IP. One click archive storage extension. We manage server infrastructure, so you could save on contractors

With on-premise devices from other VMS providers or local recorders - you need to buy a new server, HDDs, cameras, basic and device licenses, need to forward ports, and set up external IP. You need to buy an expensive license for arranging a video system with an unlimited number of servers in the system (hidden costs).

Transparent license scheme, free of charge support on all levels

1 camera - 1 tariff plan, you can terminate the subscription plan any time and get the money back if not used. Free of charge technical support. Pay for a subscription once per year without any hidden costs

User-friendly interface

There are more than 5 million Ivideon users all over the world and Ivideon app has a 4.5 out of 5 stars in App Store and Google play. The system to be set up for 5 minutes. No need for special education. Training and consultations are free of charge

Open platform

We provide our clients with free of charge access to open API and Mobile SDK for flexible integrations with 3rd party systems (e.g. integration with CRM, cash registers, digital signage to display the content based on demographics)

Free of charge updates and new functionality

All updates and new developments will be available in the interface right after the release. No need to monitor the market and buy additional licenses.

Ivideon. Security and remote control, no matter the scale

The global IP video survelliance and VSaaS market will reach $70 billion by 2024*

Key drivers of VSaaS growth:

 Increased demand for remote real-time surveillance
 Decreased hardware costs
 Increased demand for video analytics and mobility
 Technological progress

High potential and growth rates when compared to traditional video surveillance

How the cloud changes the business landscape

Optimize costs
Business costs stabilize and become predictable thanks to cloud services’ transparent pricing 
plans. There are no hidden costs for configuration and hardware maintenance.

Business continuity
You forgo force majeure situations like server overloads or damaged hardware. Cloud-based
 providers guarantee access to their services 99.9% of the time.

Lower security risks
Cloud-based providers solve the whole spectrum of data security problems—from
 renting computing infrastructure to subscription services

Quickly launch new projects
There’s no need to spend time and resources on purchasing additional hardware, setting it up, and launching it.

Focus on business development
Integrating cloud-based business solutions relieves businesses from a range of development and 
configuration tasks, freeing them to focus on increasing business effectiveness and innovation.

Problems with traditional video surveillance systems

Lack of video analytics competency
When first installing a system, business lack specific requirements for video analytics. 
They often choose the cheapest option based on their installer’s advice, and such
options fail to meet the demands of a growing business.

Regular investment in modernization
Updating and modernizing hardware as part of integrating new functions is an expensive
and labor-intensive process. Many vendors integrate video analytics only to large-scale

Hardware incompatibility
Hardware from different manufacturers are almost always incompatible with one another. 
Businesses become dependent on hardware from one or another vender.

Low productivity
Localized systems have slow broadcast and archive upload speeds. Additionally, they 
do not allow you to stream videos from any device, anywhere in the world.

Total system overhauls are prohibitively expensive

Ivideon Bridge:
Smart solution for smart video surveillance

Best in class devices for connecting any video surveillance system to Ivideon cloud

• Compatible with 98% of cameras’ types
• One Bridge device connects up to 16 cameras and video recorders
• Configuration takes 5-10 minutes

Ivideon Bridge:
ages for your business

Low capital costs
There’s no need to purchase new hardware—just connect existing digital and analog 
video recorders, IP cameras that support RTSP or ONVIF protocols.

Scalable and dependable system
Video is saved for up to 365 days and is not lost during outages. Clients have multi-user
 access with customizable permissions. As businesses grow, Bridge makes it easy to 
scale up by connecting additional devices to your network.

Unite various objects into a single account
Watch live videos from all cameras, access to archives and recordings through the internet 
using your mobile device or computer with any operating system: Windows, Linux, 
MacOS, Android, iOS

Smart video analytics
Search specified areas, count customers, prevent long queues and theft from cash registers, 
identify loyal customers and unwanted visitors, maintain accurate accounts of working hours


What does the service include?

Learn about the key capabilities of video analytics 
modules using face recognition.

Client recognition

Improve your service level and client loyalty by creating various lists for VIP and regular clients. Likewise, you can create lists of unwanted or suspicious-looking clientele.

New and repeat client estimation

Use the data reports to optimize ad campaigns to suit your goals, whether you want to attract new clients or increase the current LTV.

Cash register fraud prevention

Basic hazardous and incorrect operations iat the cash register will be automatically spotted using 6 filters and over 50 parameters for detecting suspicious operations, whether related to inventories or deleted receipts. Additionally, if any suspicious operation is detected, a distinct video recording of the cashier's actions is stored in real-time and in the archive.

Visitor age and sex reports

Based on these reports, you can analyze the accuracy of ad campaign settings and make timely changes to optimize your budget. Moreover, you will gain a better understanding of your core target audience.

Queue monitoring

Optimize cashier working time and improve client satisfaction by implementing queue monitoring and analyzing queue occurrence dynamics.

Whos's it for

For small businesses

The Ivideon Analytics service is available to small businesses. There’s no need to spend time and money on 
expensive hardware and software, installation, and complex integrations. To use the system, just connect one (or several) cameras of 
any brand. The solution supports 98% of devices in the video surveillance market and costs RUB 3,150 a month per camera.

For major retailers

For major retailers, Ivideon will use its expertise to help create a "Store of the Future". Additional modules 
are available, such as the product shelving module for merchandising automation. The unified and 
accessible interface offers every video analytics module that an offline businesses might need. Ivideon 
provides direct access to data using API, which allows the solution to be integrated into any corporate business system.




What does the service include?

Face Detection

The system detects facial features, ignoring extraneous items

Recognition from a video stream

Auto-identification of new faces and those previously recorded in the system's database

Working with lists

Creating lists of people, performing searches and reporting events

Visitor demographics

Identifying the demographics of a visitor, generating a target audience report

Who can benefit?

Key opportunities
Events Events

Displaying all detections and recognitions of people in the selected timeframe. You can sort the detections by list or camera from the filters menu.

Search Search

Lets you recognize a face in a photo and display all the detections of that person found. You can also find all the detections by name or the list selected.

Lists Lists

Add groups of people according to a given characteristic. Make lists of employees, favored customers or unwanted visitors.

Analytics Analytics

Generate reports on the selected events or lists, upload data to convenient excel tables.

Convenient notifications Convenient notifications

Receive push notifications when a new face or a person from the list is identified.

Access Control System Access Control System

Facial recognition access control system, mask detection and body temperature monitoring.


High precision High precision

Highest counter accuracy when compared to competing services (IR and 2D counters)

3 meters angle3 meters angle

Keep track of objects that cross a given line in the camera's field of vision

Smart reportsSmart reports

Detailed hourly and daily visitor reports at your points of sale

Only one camera neededOnly one camera needed

Data is processed and stored in the Ivideon cloud and only one camera is required, new or existing.

Usage examples

Retail outlets Retail outlets Compare traffic across locations and analyze possible benefits

Banks Banks Improve the quality of service through informed employee scheduling

Exhibitions and sports arenas Exhibitions and sports arenas Regulate the flow of visitors and streamline on-site navigation

Landlords Landlords Objectively understand foot traffic and match rental rates to visitor numbers

Key opportunities

Wide angle Wide angle

Capture angle up to 3 meters

Only one camera needed Only one camera needed

Install just one camera in the store to start receiving visitor traffic reports.

Get what you need Get what you need

The module displays the average and maximum visitor numbers in the selected area.

Important Reports Important Reports

Reports include visitor numbers (average and maximum) by area with detailed information for specific time intervals.

All-in-one platform All-in-one platform

Ivideon video surveillance complete with video analytics modules, cloud archive, video playback from any device, facial recognition, and more

High accuracy High accuracy

Up to 95% even during peak visitor traffic


What does it do?

  • People detetector for up to 7 zones per camera
  • No recording to the cloud archive
  • Local archive with unlimited viewing
  • Share camera access with any number of users
  • Export an unlimited number of clips, each up to eight hours long
  • Smart notifications about movements, sounds, and camera status
  • Public broadcast capability

Why use ivideon people?

Increase staff effectiveness Increase staff effectiveness

Using analytics, you can better motivate your salespeople and plan sales to match visitor flows, as well as make informed decisions with regard to under-performing employees

Increase customer loyalty Increase customer loyalty

This solution offers detailed information on each separate queue — when it formed, how many people were in it, and a shot-by-shot breakdown.

Reduce customer disputes Reduce customer disputes

Statistics allow you to create the ideal shift schedule for your salespeople, optimize the space available and minimize complaints from visitors

Service options

Speed up the payment process Speed up the payment process

Reports on how queues form at each cash register and breakdowns for each of them can help you identify anything that may be holding back your daily revenue

Queue registration Queue registration

All queues detected can be found in the queue list. The operator can find the recording in the queue’s information.

Detailed queue informationDetailed queue information

This solution offers detailed information on each separate queue — when it formed, how many people were in it, and a shot-by-shot breakdown.

Instant queue notificationsInstant queue notifications

When a queue is detected, Ivideon sends an email notification to the relevant parties so they can quickly resolve the situation by opening another cash register.

Reports Reports

Reports help identify peak traffic hours and queue trends while comparing problem areas at one or several locations.

Who can benefit?

Retail outlets

Retail outlets

Monitor queues that build up at the cash registers and receive instant notifications on the need to open additional payment terminals



Keep an eye on employees and customer service times, boosting customer loyalty

Pickup points

Pickup points

Cut wait times for orders, plan workloads, and schedule additional staff



Cut queue times, map shift schedules, and plan client records

How can I enable ivideon people?

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