12TB WD Purple Pro 5YR Warranty 550TB/year Workload


WD Purple™ Pro drives are designed for advanced AI-enabled recorders, video analytics servers and deep learning solutions requiring additional capacity, performance

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WD Purple™ Pro drives are designed for advanced AI-enabled recorders, video analytics servers and deep learning solutions requiring additional capacity, performance and workload capability. Features: Engineered with advanced capabilities needed for high-end smart video solutions High performance, reliability and workload capability for advanced AI-enabled recorders, video analytics appliances, deep-learning servers and cloud-based storage, including RAID and JBOD configurations. Supports up to 550 TB/yr workload rate
1. Designed with tarnish-resistant components for harsh environments, and with additional robustness for multi-bay enclosures.

Five Year Limited-Warranty

As an industry-leading hard drive manufacturer, Western Digital stands behind WD Purple™ Pro smart video storage with a 5-year limited warranty.

Storage For Advanced Smart Video Solutions

WD Purple™ Pro drives are designed for new generations of high-end AI-enabled recorders, video analytics appliances, deep-learning servers and cloud solutions that can benefit from high-capacity storage with high performance and additional workload capability. WD Purple Pro drives feature AllFrame™ AI technology, which helps reduce frame loss, improve overall video playback, and not only enables recording of multiple streams per camera but also supports up to 32 AI streams per drive for deep learning analytics within the system. WD Purple Pro drives also feature enterprise-class performance, data integrity and drive reliability, especially in larger-scale systems and enclosures where operational vibration is present.

Empower Your Smart Video Solution

Western Digital is a worldwide leader in the hard drive industry. With WD Purple™ Pro smart video storage, you have a drive engineered for high performance, durability and workload capability for advanced always-on AI-enabled smart video recorders, appliances, and servers. Efficiently and effectively extract value and insights from streamed and stored video, and help deliver a smarter world with advanced WD Purple Pro smart video storage.

Western Digital's Exclusive AllFrame™ AI Technology

All WD Purple™ Pro drives are equipped with AllFrame AI technology, which not only improves ATA streaming to help reduce frame loss and improve overall video playback, but supports up to 32 AI streams for Deep Learning analytics within the system

Multiple Cameras, Multiple Streams

Modern recorders now support multiple video streams per camera. WD Purple™ Pro drives are optimized to support up to 64 HD single-stream cameras2

Advanced Workload Capability For Advanced Systems

WD Purple™ Pro drives feature a workload rating up to 550TB/year to support the heavy video data capture and analysis found in advanced AI-enabled recorders, video analytics appliances, deep learning analytics servers and cloud-based storage. The combination of streaming optimizations and enhanced durability and reliability make WD Purple Pro smart video storage ideal for all analytics servers, whether processing video streamed directly from cameras or large-scale captured video data sets.

Designed For Reliable Operation In Advanced 
High-Performance Smart Video Solutions

With an MTBF of up to 2.5 million hours3 (12TB, 14TB, and 18TB4), WD Purple™ Pro drives are engineered for advanced smart video solutions that operate 24/7. With tarnish-resistant components and full multi-bay support, WD Purple Pro drives deliver reliable operation in large scale surveillance systems even in harsh environments.

Field-Proven High Capacity

Now on its 6th generation, field-proven HelioSeal™ technology delivers trusted high-capacity WD Purple™ Pro hard drives (12TB, 14TB and 18TB4) for the massive storage needs of AI-driven smart video and deep learning analytics.

Proactive Storage Management With WDDA 

Western Digital® Device Analytics™ (WDDA) provides a wealth of storage device parametric operational and diagnostic data to compatible systems; algorithms interpret the data and direct the system to alert system administrators of specific recommended actions to address potential issues. WDDA is intended to empower OEMs, system integrators, and IT professionals to better monitor and proactively manage supported storage devices to maintain optimal operation. Learn More


1 Workload Rate is defined as the amount of user data transferred to or from the hard drive. Workload Rate is annualized (TB transferred ✕ (8760 / recorded power-on hours)). Workload Rate will vary depending on your hardware and software components and configurations
2 Single stream per camera @ 3.2Mbps (1080p, H.265, 25 fps). Results may vary depending on camera resolution, file format, frames per second, software, system settings, video quality, and other factors
3 Projected values. When final, MTBF and AFR specifications will be based on a sample population and are estimated by statistical measurements and acceleration algorithms under typical operating conditions, workload of 220TB/year and drive temperature of 40°C. Derating of MTBF and AFR will occur above these parameters, up to 550TB writes per year and 65°C drive temperature. MTBF and AFR ratings do not predict an individual drive’s reliability and do not constitute a warranty.
As used for storage capacity, 1TB < one trillion bytes. Actual user capacity may be less, depending on operating environment. 0

Western Digital Device Analytics

(WDDA), is a new device analytics capability supported by Western Digital’s line of surveillance-optimized storage products. WDDA enables administrators to proactively manage storage and to maintain optimal performance to preempt unexpected failures.


Security is paramount in today’s 24x7 world and robust surveillance helps provide that security and peace of mind. Unfortunately, continuous surveillance recording can be interrupted by unexpected events, including power outage/disruption, surveillance equipment failure, network infrastructure disruption, and even storage device failure.

While rare, storage failure can occur, resulting in a reduction in the total recording duration and the failover recording may be compromised.If repair or replacement of the storage device is required, it may result in recording downtime, a short-term security vulnerability, and unexpected expenses incurred because of special support or services.

The new Western Digital® Device Analytics™ (WDDA) provides for the proactive monitoring of the storage subsystem to preempt unexpected disruptions. When implemented in a surveillance solution, it analyzes the operational parameters and the data from the embedded device sensors. This persistent monitoring enables the detection of problematic operating conditions and reports such conditions to the system administrators; it also suggests predefined actions that can be taken to maintain optimal operation of the storage devices.

Proper use of WDDA to proactively manage storage in a surveillance system can result in key benefits, including:

  • Potentially fewer field service calls – Empower customers and integrators to proactively monitor the storage subsystem, and if needed, perform corrective actions on their own, thereby resulting in reduced TCO. 
  • Makes more data analytics available to help troubleshoot and proactively reduce a greater number of potential issues, thereby gaining insights for better system design. Adds a valuable tool for the integrator/installer to actively monitor system status and prevent potential problems to keep their customers happy by increasing system availability time.
  • Allows for data backup and avoidance of customer data loss, downtime, and a bad end-user experience by helping to identify potential HDD candidates for replacement prior to failure, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.
With Western Digital surveillance-optimized storage, surveillance is more than just seeing: It is looking ahead. Capture, store, and analyze data with edge-to-core solutions that adapt to new innovations. For more information on our uncompromising line of surveillance solutions, please visit: https://shop.westerndigital.com/solutions/surveillance

    Model #InterfaceForm FactorRPM ClassCapacityCache
    WD181PURPSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 Inch720018 TB512 MB
    WD141PURPSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 Inch720014 TB512 MB
    WD121PURPSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 Inch720012 TB256 MB
    WD101PURPSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 Inch720010 TB256 MB
    WD8001PURPSATA 6 Gb/s3.5 Inch72008 TB256 MB

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