IC Realtime BREEZE 8 Channel H.265 4K PoE NVR (2 x SATA)

SKU: BREEZE-6s-208
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The BREEZE-6s-208 is a 4K H.265 8 channel plug & play Network Video Recorder (NVR) that incorporates an 8 port PoE switch. It has a powerful embedded quad-core processor providing up to 8 megapixel / 4K resolution per channel and a global recording capacity of 200Mbps.

The BREEZE-6s-208 has H.265 Compression (High Efficiency Video Coding) as standard, H.265 was developed to improve HDD storage requirements and reduce bandwidth consumption for new higher resolutions such as 4K. For example, at an identical level of visual quality the H.265 codec enables video to be compressed to a file about half the size (or half the bit rate) of H.264.

BREEZE technology removes the complex IP setup by automatically configuring the IP cameras in less than 2 minutes upon boot up. This is achieved by integrating a PoE switch into the NVR which also powers the IP cameras over the same cable.

The BREEZE-6s-208 is housed in a 1U desktop case with 2 internal SATA ports. It comes with 4K (3840x2160) HDMI & VGA video outputs and supports backup methods via USB & network. This recorder is provided license free, Onvif compatible and supports various 3rd party IP camera vendors.

For remote monitoring and ARC integration this product also has 4 alarm inputs and 2 alarm outputs. When used with compatible IP cameras the NVR can also receive and setup analytical rules such as tripwire, intrusion zones etc.

8 Channel PoE Recorder

2 x SATA Slots

IC Realtime 

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