4ife 13dB 1050mm 5G Filter DVB-T Aerial (Bagged)

SKU: 4IFE-AT1312-5GF

Enjoy interference free signals with the 4ife 13db 1050mm 5G Filter DVB-T Aerial.

EAN/UPC: 5391522450424

Listed for Support Purposes Only

Enjoy interference free signals with the 4ife 13db 1050mm 5G Filter DVB-T Aerial. Delivering full HD compatibility, this aerial guarantees a simple assembly while being able to withstand the most unforgiving weather conditions.

Interference Free 5G Filter
The 4ife aerial delivers signals without any fear of interference thanks to its outstanding 5G Filter. 

Saorview Ready
This aerial is Saorview ready which gives you the freedom to access all of the Irish channels. 

Easy Installation
Assembly of this aerial is simple with rear mounted pole/mast clamp and weather boost.

Frequency Range of 470-700MHz
This aerial is designed to receive Digital Terrestrial TV signals in 470-700MHz with 21-48 channels. 

Full HD Compatible
Once you have completed assembly of the aerial you will be able to enjoy full HD with no compromise to quality. 

12 Elements
This aerial is equipped with a 12 Element Single Boom Design allowing you to achieve up to 13dB Gain. 

Outdoor Reception Range
This advanced aerial has up to 50km (approx.) distance to transmitter outside of reception range. 

Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions
The well built aerial is equipped and resistant to extreme weather conditions so you can be guaranteed durability 
even during the most unforgiving of weather conditions. 

Other Features Include:

  • Aerial Gain: 11-13dB
  • Front-Back Ratio: 15-20Db
  • Aerial Length: 1050mm

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