Brexit Statement

Customer Brexit Statement  
IC Plus has been actively working to understand the impact of Brexit. We have dedicated time and resources from across the business from Executive Board level downwards.

Currency Risks
We are taking the Brexit situation very seriously and we are continuing to look at various Brexit scenarios and assessing the impact these may have. We focused initially on the immediate currency weakening from the decision to leave the Union, mitigating as much impact as possible to our customers, and we continue to work hard in this area. In this regard, we have traced our supply chain back to identify any potential risks.

Import / Export 
We are particularly focused on identifying risks on all imports and exports throughout the distribution process which could be impacted by tariff changes, border delays, information technology challenges, integrated supply chain issues, people and workforce impact, further currency depreciation, quality accreditation, and regulatory compliance. 

Our Northern Ireland (DPD) and UK (DHL) carrier partners are fully equipped and already have facilitates for paperless trade for exports going outside of the European Union.

If no deal can be reached between the UK and European Union for an orderly Brexit, we have made provisions to continue trading under the rules set out by the WTO (World Trade Organisation).

Our Invoices and Dispatch Notes have been modified to include tariff code and country of origin which in the event of a hard Brexit all information will be available to all.

Although Brexit has created some uncertainty and the true commercial impact is not known, IC Plus is committed to a growth strategy, enabling us to provide continued superior offerings across our customer network.

With no agreement finalised yet, there are numerous potential scenarios and a large number of short-term and long-term issues to understand, with little certainty available. In an effort to develop our strategy, we have invested in external expertise and are confident we will be ready for Brexit eventualities.

For further information please contact:

Name: Deborah Boyle
Title: Financial Controller
Tel: +353 (0) 1 4268275

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