TRIAX TEoC Gigabit KIT (Point to Point)

SKU: TX-TEoC-310500

We are now proud TRIAX distributors in Ireland, TRIAX is a global supplier of reliable, innovative products and solutions for the reception and distribution of video, audio and data signals.

TRIAX Ethernet over Coax Gigabit Kit (Point to Point) - 310500

Simple TV & Data Distribution with a Gigabit network over existing coax cable


  • Triax Ethernet over Coax Gigakit delivers high speed internet over an existing Coax installation
  • TEoC uses Technology in the 2 200MHz frequency range
  • Works with TV Signalsends TV & Data through the same existing Coax cable
  • PoC P ower o ver C oax ) the TEoC Controller provides remote power to the TEoC Receiver
  • Up to two TEoC Receivers can be remote powered over the coax from a single TEoC Controller
  • Up to 8 x TEoC Receivers* can be linked to 1 x TEoC Controller (* to follow requires local power)

Kit Contents: 1 x Controller,  1 x Receiver, 1 x 2 Way TV/Data Combiner , 1 x 48V PSU

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