Tenda Passthrough Powerline Adapter Kit



The advanced PH6 is a powerline adapter that will improve connection immensely. Designed for 3D/HD video streaming, online gaming and other forms of home entertainment this powerline adapter will guarantee quality and speed. PH6 uses your existing electrical circuit, offering a transmission rate of up to 1000Mbps. Not only is the PH6 fast but it is also exceptionally easy to set up. Designed with an integrated power socket, PH6 will not take up extra power sockets in your home!



Ultra-fast internet connection through the current wiring in your home

Developed with the latest Homeplug AV2 technology PH6 distributes a transmission rate of as high as 1000 Mbps. Such speed can allow you to watch HD 4K videos and transfer massive data without worrying about speed or quality falling short.

Gigabit Ethernet port for fast data transfer

Thanks to its improved gigabit Ethernet port, this device is 10 times faster than 100 Mbps, providing you with 1000 Mbps local area network connection speed for wired devices. These include TV, game consoles, cable box, PC, printer, and computer data storage. 

Plug and play - no need to setup!

Enjoy a pain-free set up as soon as they are plugged it and switched on. From the moment you open the box these devices are already paired and ready to be used.

Integrated power socket, no power socket goes to waste

Designed with an advanced power socket that allows a current as high as 16 A current, PH6 can provide power to TV, game console or desktop computer. The integrated noise isolation minimises interference from the electrical appliance plugged to the power socket of PH6.

Power saving mode for 85% less energy consumption

PH6 enters power saving mode when no device is connected to reduce energy consumption by over 85% subject to the operating environment. 

Other Features Include:

  • LED indicators
  • Port and button
  • Pair/reset button
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